Segel-Expeditionen in Antarktis, Kap Hoorn, Süd-Georgien, Falklands, Feuerland, Patagonien, Brasilien

Kap Hoorn

Segeln, bis zum Mythos vom Ende der Welt

Mit unserer 54 fuss Stahlyacht und unseren Gästen, möchten wir die Naturwunder Patagoniens geniessen und besuchen. Auf 5 tägigen Reisen wollen wir Kap Hoorn erobern. Unter Segeln werden wir die natürliche Schönheit des südlichen Patagoniens geniessen können: Biber, Guanacos, Seehunde, Delfine und Kodoren.

Programm Kap Hoorn 5 Tage

1. Day Ushuaia (54°56'S / 68°06'W) 
Beautiful view from the plane across the Beagle Channel and glaciers - we meet at the jetty of Club Nautico - you choose your bunk and get familiar with the boat - sailing across the Beagle Channel - we pass 'Isla dos Lobos': Sea Lions and Cormorants before we arrive in Puerto Williams, Chile (54°56'S / 67°36'W).
The wreck of the 'Micalvi' is our jetty and provides at the same time all harbour facilities: pub and shower - here are a handful of boats tied off already, getting ready for Antarctica, Cape Horn or just coming down from the Chilean Channels - Yamana Indians - Martin Gusinde Museum - last shower at Micalvi 

2./3. Day Rounding Cape Horn (55°50'S / 67°18'W)
"The classic aspect of Cape Horn is the cliff face to the southern headland. Well below its summit, the old lighthouse I saw burning back in 1977, still stands, but shines no more below the clouds. On exposed rocks, a mile offshore, the sea breaks heavily even on a calm day, as the rollers coming in from the Southern Ocean pile up on shelf water, 75 miles away to the south-west."
"Cape of the ultimate challenge" - many destinies and catastrophes have taken place here - symbol for the end of the world. - visit to the island: Chilean navy control post - passport stamps and post - chapel - monument - wildlife - deep tussock grass.

This will most probably be a tough day, the sea is very rough, we get short waves, we get changing local winds, its cold and wet - we have to fight - last radio contact with navy patrol station at 'Cabo de Hornos', they will contact Puerto Williams and have our names registered: we have rounded Cape Horn - the sea contains plenty of life: Commerson- & Dusky Dolphins, Seals. Wandering Albatross, Condors, Giant Petrels, Skuas will follow us. 
We deserve a quite rest at caleta Martial. 

4. Day Puerto Toro (55°05'S / 67°06'W) 
Puerto Toro: most southern settlement of the world - fifty inhabitants - dealing one bottle of whisky or some fruit for more than enough King Crabs, Centollas, to feed the whole crew.

5. Day Puerto Williams /Ushuaia 
At the navy control post we can pick up our Cape Horn certificate - we can make a splendid trekking up to the 'Pico de Bandera' from where we get a tremendous view across the Beagle Channel - we exchange our experiences with the other yachts around - yachtlife. 
For the last time we sail the Beagle - back to Ushuaia