Sailing Expeditions in Antarctica, Cape Horn, South Georgia, Falklands, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Brazil


Logbook entry, December 10, 05:00. Without waking the sleepers, three members of the crew prepare to go and view beavers at first light. Outside it's still dark, but those who want to see beavers at work have to get up early. While the three early birds pack the freshly baked bread, I fill the thermos with hot coffee. Spending hours on the lookout for beavers, that is what you need.

A sleepy head peaks around the corner, hesitates, but then decides to join the party after all. I am outside, and give some advice as to the best route to take. Down here in Southern Patagonia you won't find any marked hiking trails, let alone National Trust direction signs. After walking a few hundred yards I turn and watch our boat, peacefully and safe at anchor. It is a windless night, absolutely still, and the moon casts a final glow over Beagle Channel. In my thoughts I see the faces of the ones who stay behind. I can hardly suppress a giggle when I think of last night. They surely deserve their rest.

Taking into account the inhospitable nature of these areas, all activities will be undertaken with two or more people.

These may include:

  • Sailing 
  • Visit to scientific research stations on Antarctica 
  • Whalewatching
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Mountaineering and ice climbing on glaciers under qualified guidance 
  • Ice diving (Scuba) 
  • Photography & Filming
  • Observation of rare plants and animals
  • Kayaking & Dinghy tours
  • Visit to Cape Horn memorial & coast guard station