Sailing Expeditions in Antarctica, Cape Horn, South Georgia, Falklands, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, Brazil

Life on board

Logbook entry, 03:15. Susan gently taps the barometer and notes, that the atmospheric pressure is slowly dropping. After recording pressure, positions and bearing in the logbook, she checks the sea temperature. 2°Celsius or less indicate the possible presence of icebergs. She sticks her head out of the hatch to chat with Kevin, who is outside on icewatch. Like a giant pen drawing a graciously flowing line, the ship leaves a phosphorescent trail of thousands of sparks on the black sea. Kevin describes how 45 minutes ago a group of dolphins had made the bow of the ship the centre of their playground.

The main object is of course to experience and enjoy nature, to know how to deal with it and above all to respect it, not just in order to preserve it, but also because at times the elements can still be our masters. We are convinced that our guests will experience this in a more intense way, namely when they actually take an active part in it. No previous nautical experience is required, and for those who would like to learn something new, we are happy to explain and share our knowlegde . Tactical and weather related decisions are discussed by the entire crew, and all have their say. However, the final responsibility for ship and crew remains with the skipper, and thus he will have the final word of course. 

Whenever we are close to land, we will undertake half or full day excursions. During sailing, the crew will be organized into watches of about 2 hours duration. Tasks will be divided according to the varying interests and skills. Those who know something about charts and navigation, can plot a course . However, everybody is invited to share the work as best as they can and are willing to. Leopard seals think a rubber dinghy is a wonderful toy and love to nibble on it. To keep the dinghy whole, it will have to be hoisted on deck every time after use. one will have to restrain their culinary urges; Have you ever baked bread at a 20 degree list?